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Billet Wheels are Hot and Here’s Why

One of the hottest trends in custom truck wheels this year is aftermarket billet wheels. Daily drivers and off roaders are bolting them on their trucks like crazy. If you don’t know the low down on billet wheels, Wheelfire will get you up to speed.

Billet Wheels are Made Differently

A billet refers to a piece of metal or material that is going to be worked. In the case of a wheel, it means that you start with a solid piece of metal and work from there. It’s subtractive manufacturing on steroids. Subtractive manufacturing starts out with a base material and then machines away what you don’t want until you achieve the intended shape.

Another common way to manufacture a wheel is using formative manufacturing. This manufacturing method is used when you cast aluminum or an alloy into a mold.

Billet wheels start out and end up as one strong piece of metal. That makes them perfect for off road trucks.

Wheel makers use sophisticated CNC mills and software to cut the metal into the desired shape. After milling shapes the billet into a wheel, CNC flycutters can pass over the metal and give it a polished, smooth finish that rivals chrome. And unlike chrome, the flycut metal finish won’t peel.

Strong Custom Truck Wheels from the Inside Out

Now we aren’t knocking cast aluminum truck wheels. Cast aluminum truck wheels have their place. They are lightweight, sturdy that won’t add to the unsprung weight of your truck. Those molds can be formed in some pretty sweet designs. They also can usually be manufactured at a lower cost so they sell for less.

But a billet wheel is strong from the inside out. As part of the aluminum casting process, small air bubbles can get worked into the metal. This results in a porous metal that just doesn’t have the strength of a wheel forged from a billet. Porosity is never an issue with a billet wheel.

Billet wheels can be made from stronger materials than their cast cousins. They are more resistant to metal fatigue at high temperatures. Let’s face it; strong trucks deserve strong truck wheels and billet wheels are forged to be tough. Looks are important, but it is performance that counts. Billet wheels perform.

Billet Wheels as Custom as You Want Them

American Force Wheels Fallout FP8 on 2013 Dodge Ram 2500
American Force Wheels Fallout FP8 on 2013 Dodge Ram 2500

Your truck is your custom creation; the truck wheels will make or break the look. So you want billet wheels for strength but you still want that ultimate custom look. American Force gets you.

The Faceplate Series was designed with you in mind. American Force starts with a strong billet, mills it into a stunning design and then CNC machines the face to accommodate a faceplate. They mill off just enough to get a perfect flush mount on the faceplate. See, one of the advantages you get with a billet is that it can be designed and manufactured with more precision than a cast wheel. That really comes into play when you get down to how the wheel will look once it is bolted on.

And the Faceplate Series allows you to get a truly custom look from a billet wheel. The insert plate is metal, not some cheap plastic. That metal plate can be powder coated, plated, dipped, airbrushed or even just simply painted. Ready for a new custom look? Just unbolt the faceplate, refinish it and your truck wheels will sport a new look. It’s billet tough and wicked custom all in one wheel.

Wheelfire is the Home of the Billet Wheel

American Force isn’t the only game in town when it comes to billet wheels. Wheelfire has a wide range of custom truck wheels that are forged to be tough and finished to look sweet.

Cruise the selection, use the custom configurator, or just pick up the phone and call (866)450-3473 and get your rig outfitted with the hottest billet wheels made.

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