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Guide to the Hottest Truck Tailgating 2016

Fall football season is here. College or pro, tailgaters know that the party before the game is just as important as the game itself.  You want to score a win at every tailgate, even if your team doesn’t prevail on the gridiron that day. Wheelfire has put together a guide to tailgating and the truck wheel and tire packages you need to make sure you’re game day ready in style.

Truck Inspiration

You can’t tailgate without a tailgate; and only trucks have tailgates. Check out these trucks and get inspired to transform your rig into a tailgater that will turn heads and make the team proud.

Tailgating Tundra

This 2014 Toyota Tundra was made tailgate ready for chef Tim Love. While heavily modified to include coolers, kegs, TV, audio and of course the grill, the exterior shell of the truck wasn’t modified at all. With everything automated, Chef Love can get to grilling in just minutes. And as the hero of Texas and Tennessee cuisine you know his truck is turning out smoking good grub.

The Carnivore

The Carnivore started life as a Chevy Silverado 2500. It’s got 2 Freedom grills, 7 TV screens, and a refrigerated center console. When it rolls in on a set of Toyo Open Country tires and sets up shop you won’t want to leave the tailgating for the game. This is one sweet set-up.

Air Force Silverado

If you’ve got a Silverado, you’ve got the basis for a great tailgating truck. Like The Carnivore, the Air Force’s Marketing and Tailgating truck is built on a Chevy Silverado chassis. This simple but stealthy truck is loaded for fun. It’s got storage for a 3000W generator to pump out all the juice your party needs. Tired of football? This baby has 2 Xboxes and a Blu-ray player for alternative entertainment.

Air Force Tailgating Silverado Truck

Even if you don’t have the cash for extreme modifications, your Chevy Silverado can still tailgate in style. Forget the folding table, use this beer pong tailgate insert for your next competition. Just drop your tailgate and you’ve got spaces to set up a perfect rack every time.

Tailgate for outdoor beer pong that installs onto your truck

And when you roll in on Fuel Off-Road Throttle wheels the party mode will be set to full throttle. Wrap these beauties in a set of Federal Couragia tires for a truck wheel and tire package that sizzles hotter than the dogs on the grill. And speaking of dogs, you can’t tailgate without food. Here’s some great grills.

Tailgating Grills

Tailgating means food and tailgating food means meat. Grills are the go-to method of cooking your meat when tailgating. There’s just something about the smell of the cooking meat and the smoke in the Autumn air that combine to create an intoxicating aroma.

Hitch Grills

Nothing beats the convenience of a swing-out hitch grill. These bad boys easily mount to your hitch and allow you to bring a full sized gas grill with you wherever you go. Designed with tailgating in mind, the Swing’N Smoke grills set the standard. You can get hitch grills with single or multiple burners and some even include an ice chest. Hitch grills solve the problems associated with loading and unloading bulky gas grills. They tag along to the game, swing out for use, then stow away after use.

Swingarm on car open grill


The only thing this Navigator needs is a set of Moto Metal MO970s to finish the look; then they’ll really be cooking with gas.

Smokey Joe

The classic tailgate and picnic grill is the Weber Smokey Joe. This little gem is only 14” but it is probably the best investment you can make in a small, portable grill. It’s as basic as Budweiser and just as functional. A porcelain enamel coating keeps it protected from the elements in bad weather and during the off season. But with this little beauty, there won’t be much off-season. When it’s not tailgating, Smoky Joe is ready for camping (perfect for off roading trips), picnics, and a day at the beach.

Weber Smokey Joe Grill

Portable Propane

When you think of Coleman, you usually think of camp stoves and lanterns. But Coleman has your back covered with a portable propane grill that is perfect for tailgating. The small propane tanks are readily available (some grocery stores carry them). The Perfect Flow Insta Start grill has a matchless starting system. That’s essential on those windy game days. It’s like Coleman understands what it’s like to cook outside. That’s because they do! It’s got a windblock shield to protect your flame and clean-up is a breeze because the tray is dishwasher safe.

Coleman PerfectFlow Insta Start Propane Grill

Tailgating Food

Now that you’ve got the great truck and grill it’s time to get cooking! From appetizers to burgers, brats, and seafood no matter where in the country you tailgate you will find cooks serious about the eats they serve. Sure the tailgate virgins have their pre-formed burger patties with white bread buns, but seasoned tailgaters know that tailgate food is all about the creativity and turning the usual into the unusual.

Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings

For this treat, sweet onions get sliced and slathered with sriracha hot sauce before being wrapped in bacon. These morsels grill at low heat or smoke for about 1 ½ hours so they’ll be the first on the grill when you get set up. The wait is worth it. Three humble ingredients combine into a flavor explosion. You know you want to try it. Get the recipe here for Smoky Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings.

Bacon wrapped onion rings

Tailgate Wings

Buffalo wings are so 90’s. The tailgate wings of today have evolved. Check out the grilled ECU Tailgate Wings they are chowing down on in Greensville, NC. These wings can be marinated overnight the day before the game and then tossed on the grill when you arrive at the park. A little Asian, a little sweet and a lot of Carolina barbecue love. We suggest you try it on legs or thighs, especially if you prefer dark meat. Jason says this is a recipe that’s been around tailgating at ECU for years, it’s time for the rest of the country to get in on the action.

Tailgate wings


If you’ve got to have something sweet before you head into the stadium, these no-bake pumpkin spice Rice Krispie treats are just the ticket. Even if you tailgate in warmer climes, you can still get the taste of fall in this sweet treat. The Comfort of Cooking serves these up in Austin but they would be just as tasty no matter where you tailgate. The only sweeter is a set of fully customized XD-Series forged wheels. The XD Series truck wheels are forged for strength and are ready for custom paint. Sweet.


Truck Wheel and Tire Packages for Fall

Even if you are more into trail riding than tailgating, Wheelfire has the wheel and tire packages you need to trick out your truck for Fall. From all the most popular brands like Moto Metal and Fuel Off-Road to the ultra custom XD Series, Wheelfire includes the extras you want. Every truck wheel and tire package comes complete with:

  • Free FedEx Shipping
  • Free Mounting
  • Free Balancing
  • Free Install Kit

Affirm financing lets you shop now and make easy monthly payments. Get your truck ready for Fall at Wheelfire today.

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