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Our Monthly Aftermarket Wheels Round Up: KMC XD-Series Wheels, Avid.1 Wheels and Helo Wheels

February was one flat out crazy ride packed with groundhogs; Valentines; way too many political debates, town halls, and speeches; and weather with severe bipolar disorder. One thing you can count on, the wheels just keep on turning in the automotive world no matter what’s going on. So here’s what’s been happening.

75 Years of Jeep and 50 Years of Easter Jeep Safari

2016 is the 75th anniversary of the Jeep. Can you believe it? That’s all the time it has taken for the Jeep to morph from utilitarian vehicle to cult classic. In February, Jeep began to leak details of the Jeep concepts that will be unveiled at this year’s Easter Jeep Safari in Moab. This is the 50th Easter Jeep Safari! Where has the time gone? Check out this sneak peek of 7 Jeep concepts and drool.

KMC XD-Series Wheels XD795 Hoss Gloss BlackYou don’t have to lay out a bundle to get that concept vibe for your Jeep. Whether you are into the military look or are more trail-oriented, KMC XD-Series wheels will seriously upgrade your ride. The XD-795 Hoss wheel in gloss black takes the classic split spoke design and pushes it to the limit with 10 awe inspiring spokes. Bead lock accents on the lip and milled bolt accents at the end of each spoke make this a wheel that will look good on any Jeep, on or off-road.
KMC XD-Series Wheels XD128 Machete Machined Face with Black RingIf gloss black doesn’t do it for you, the XD-128 Machete gives you the rugged good looks to match any Wrangler. This aluminum wheel has a machined milled finish with matte black accents. The 6 spokes are split like the 795 Hoss, but this wheel takes a different approach to achieving that aggressive appearance.

While you need a Jeep to be in the Moab Easter Safari, you don’t have to drive a Jeep to get the attitude of KMC XD-Series wheels. Push your Ford F-150 to the limit with the XD818 Heist. Ten smooth spokes let you get away in style. The milled rim accents look so slick, it’s almost a crime. Your Ford will steal all the attention and take to the trails with ease when you roll on XD-Series wheels.

The End of Total Vehicular Insanity?

Avid.1 AV-20 Wheels
Avid.1 AV-20 Wheels

Tuning has gone mainstream. Carfax, the vehicle history people just issued their first list of the top 10 cars you can buy on the cheap and modify.

But going mainstream doesn’t mean the end to total vehicular insanity. It just means more and more people are looking for a way to bring top performance and personality to their ride. There’s no better way to up performance and imprint your style than a set of aftermarket wheels. And nobody brings style better than Avid.1 wheels.

Avid.1 wheels are an excellent value. They are manufactured with a sturdy one-piece low pressure cast process. Avid.1 wheels start at 15” and go all the way up to a very aggressive 18” size. Looking for staggered fitment? Look no further.

The Avid.1 AV-12 is the next level in the evolution of tuning. It says you are addicted to power and aren’t afraid to show your vehicle’s personality. The highly polished machined lip tops off the gold, chrome, green, orange or white wheel face. 10 y-spokes and an Avid.1 logo center cap give this wheel a highly unique style. Your Acura Integra will stand out from the pack when you roll on Avid.1.

Not feeling the thin spoke? Check out the Avid.1 AV-11. Same great style in a bold 5 spoke design. Black, blue or bronze, Avid has a finish to provide the perfect finish touch to your Mustang. Got a Honda? Get major style when you go for Avid.1 on your Civic or Accord. If you are color-shy then satisfy your craving for chrome with the AV-19 from Avid.1. You can get a machined or silver finish that is polished to perfection. Nice.

Winter Fun Festival

El Niño was doing his thing for sure. After a record drought; rain and snow pounded California. All that snow made for a great Winter Fun Festival in the Sierra Nevada Mountains this year. The party started in Grass Valley and included trail trips to old mining camps and the high country, including the Fordyce Trail. At times the going was tough, but you know that is just when the tough get going!

If you need tough wheels for your custom truck, then you need Helo wheels. That’s because Helo wheels are incredibly tough and incredibly good looking. Sure you want performance on the trail, but you want to look good on the street too.

Helo Wheels HE879 Gloss Black Machined and MilledWhen you bolt on a set of Helo 879 wheels you are bolting on wheels with flair. This black wheel has a uniquely carved 8-spoke pattern with milled accent bolts around the lip and milled contrast cutouts between the spokes. Your Silverado would look super, you know it.
Helo Wheels HE878 Satin BlackHelo takes the same 8 spoke idea and gives it a completely different spin with the Helo 878 wheel. If your truck needs a burly, beefy wheel this is it. The chiseled spoke looks tough and because it is a one-piece aluminum construction it IS tough. The outer lip sports a faux bead lock and the center cap features the distinctive Helo logo. If you ride large and in charge, you ride on Helo.
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