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Photo Gallery: Best Selling Honda Accord Wheels for a Radical Ride

Honda originally marketed their Accord model to the executive luxury market. It didn’t take long for tuners to figure out that the Accord is the perfect car to transform from stock to track-worthy. Upgrading the exhaust, suspension and wheels upgrades the performance. Need some ideas? Here’s a look at some of our most popular Honda Accord wheels.

Ruff Racing Honda Wheels

For serious street cred and style Ruff Racing rims can’t be beat. You bolt on serious attitude and performance when you bolt Ruff Racing wheels on your Accord.

RUFF_R357_GlossBlack_MachinThe R357 creates an amazing amount of commotion wherever it rolls. The bold 5 spoke design with a gloss black finish contrasts perfectly with the machine finished lip. In a world where too often more is assumed to be better, this wheel stands out for its simplicity. Serious tuners appreciate the clean lines that complement the Accord body style instead of competing with it. Just add tires to make it a complete Accord wheel and tire package and Wheelfire will throw in freebies like free mounting, balancing, freight and an install kit.
RUFF_R355_FlatBlack_RedPin_If you want to add serious Euro styling to your Accord, then check out the Ruff Racing R355. The red pin stripe and gloss black finish is a nod to Ruff Racing’s track heritage. This wheel stands in contrast to the R357, showing that Ruff Racing has something for every tuner’s taste. Swap out plain spokes for the mayhem of the split y-spoke design. Whether you go with the gloss black or hyper finish, you get exuberant styling and superior strength. Performance is just a standard feature with Ruff Racing.

Motegi Racing Wheels

Motegi Racing wheels has a winning combination of style and light-weight construction. By keeping the weight down, they keep performance up. Their alloys provide strength without taking a hit to your unsprung weight.

MR237_17x7_ML_Silver-1000The FF7 is perfect to trick out your tuner. The 7 spoke design is unique, the rivet accents are striking, and the branded center cap is the perfect finishing touch. This one piece wheel is made tough for the track or for the street. It’s an amazing Accord wheel that goes with any modification.
MR_116_Black-1000Whether you are race-ready or just want to look that way, the MR116 is ready for drifting, dragging, or just driving around town. The 5 beefy spokes extend to the machined lip and extend the style to infinity and beyond. One piece aluminum construction keeps it light and strong. When you add tires, it just becomes amazing. Wheelfire gives free shipping, balancing, mounting, and more on every Honda Accord wheel and tire package they sell.

Honda Accord Wheel and Tire Packages

Let’s face it, if you’re going to upgrade those wheels there is no better time than now to upgrade the tires as well.  Your Accord benefits from an improved appearance and you benefit from better traction. Sweet.

When you buy your Accord wheels and tire package from Wheelfire it only gets sweeter.  That’s because not only do you get incredible wheels and tires at an incredible price you also get incredible added value.  With every wheel and tire package Wheelfire throws in:

  • Free FedEx Shipping
  • Free Mounting
  • Free Balancing
  • Free Install Kit

That’s a serious amount of free!

Still not sure which package is right for your Accord?  Check out the Rohana Wheels RC10 wheels and tire package. You’ll satisfy your passion for performance and handling with this star-inspired spoke design; the bright machined finish of the wheel will stay star bright for miles; and the Delinte D7 tires will keep you in control.

For a true sporty look, go with Niche Sport racing rims for your Accord. The ultra thin spokes on the Targa extend to an even thinner outer rim. Get a look that’s smoking hot; a finish that matches any color trim; and Ohtsu tires for real performance.

Tuning your Accord is all about expressing your personal style and getting the maximum power from your ride. Show your style with custom wheels for your Accord from Wheelfire.

Got questions or need help selecting the right Accord wheels? Just call 1-866-450-3473 and speak with one of our Accord wheel experts.

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