Off road wheels and tires packages are a great way to replace the wheels and tires on your off road truck or SUV. A complete off road wheels and tires package from comes with everything you need to get off road in style and comfort without breaking the bank.

Why Off Road Wheels?

The first question you may ask is “Why do I need off road wheels?” There are many reasons to replace your stock wheels with off road wheels.

Increased Durability

Off road wheels are more durable than regular street wheels. Whether a forged alloy like the Fuel Off Road Anza or cast alloy like the KMC XD-Series you will get wheels that are not only strong but lightweight as well. Most off road wheels are made of corrosion resistant alloys to help them stay good looking even after hours in the mud. You need wheels that are forgiving as well, if you see rocky terrain in your off roading future. Off road wheels are designed to take on terrain as tough as your truck.


Serious off roaders know that to get greater clearance to take on obstacles you must lift the suspension on the truck. Off road wheels come in larger sizes to accommodate the extra clearance provided by the lift. Lifted vehicles have a higher center of gravity and off road wheels can provide stability to keep you safely on the road.

Why Off Road Tires?

A great off road wheel deserves a great off road tire. Off road tires have different tread patterns from street tires and are designed to let you play in your mud pies but still cruise the streets in comfort and style. For example, when you pair a set of Worx Havoc off road wheels with a set of Nitto Terra Grappler tires on your Dodge Durango you get an off road wheels and tires package that will accommodate your lift, look stylish on road and off road, and have the traction to get out of most anything you can get yourself into.


Your off road tires shouldn’t just look wicked, they should perform wicked bad on all kinds of terrain. Off road tires are great for snowy conditions, unpaved rural roads, and sandy trails in addition to going over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house each holiday. Aggressive treads that can bite into mud and dirt are standard features on off road tires.


No tire is puncture-proof. However, off road tires are made from materials to make them more puncture resistant. Sidewall designs differ from regular street tires as well. Modern off road tires are also much quieter and smoother than off road tires of the past. Advances in technology have allowed manufacturers to create hard working, durable tires that perform off road but don’t beat you to death when they hit the pavement.

Benefits of Buying an Off Road Wheels and Tires Package

When you bundle your wheel and tire purchase at you save time, you save money, and most important you save worry and hassle. How?

Shop Once

No more driving from store to store or hopping from website to website. When you buy a package from you get the whole package: wheels, tires, installation kit. No worries if your tires fit your wheels and no worries if your wheels will fit your truck. Wheelfire’s proprietary fitment program guarantees you get wheels and tires that fit. No hassles – no worries. Still not sure what to buy? Just call (866) 450-3473 to speak with a fitment expert.

Save Time

Your wheels and tires package comes ready to install. That means your tires have already been mounted on your wheels and each tire has been expertly balanced before leaving our shop. And there’s never an extra charge for these services when you purchase a wheels and tires package from Wheelfire.

Save Money

Each off road wheels and tires package comes with Free FedEx Ground Shipping and a Free Install Kit.

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