NITTO TIRES Exo Grappler AWT  tire
$ 192.00
235/80/17    Q $192.00
245/75/17    Q $204.00
265/70/17    Q $204.00
285/70/17    Q $250.00
325/70/17    Q $316.00
275/70/18    Q $248.00
275/65/18    Q $255.00
285/65/18    Q $280.00
285/70/18    Q $298.00
275/60/20    Q $265.00
305/55/20    Q $364.00
325/60/20    Q $384.00
345/60/20    Q $436.00

Nitto tires are rated among the highest for tread wear (U.T.Q.G. ratings), and designed to look and feel smooth on the road or in competition. Made in Japan Nitto offers world class performance, very few tires can give you this much performance. With a specially formulated compound and one of the biggest contact patches available, the Nitto Terra, Trail and Ridge Grapplers provide superior traction, reliable handling, and delivers total off-road vehicle control. Conquer the road, trail, rocks or dirt with Nitto tires on your vehicle, save hundreds by buying a tire and wheel package at Wheelfire. Learn more about Nitto Tires.