Size Bolt pattern Price
20x10.5 5x115 20 $294.00
20x9 5x114.3 35 $344.00
20x9 5x120 35 $344.00
20x9 5x112 35 $344.00
20x10.5 5x114.3 38 $363.00
20x10.5 5x120 38 $363.00
Size Bolt pattern Price
22x10.5 5x115 25 $343.00
22x9 5x114.3 32 $397.00
22x9 5x115 15 $397.00
22x9 5x120 32 $397.00
22x10.5 5x120 35 $424.00
Size Bolt pattern Price
24x10 6x135 30 $593.00

Asanti Black Label Wheels - Known far and wide as the epitome of class, Asanti Black Label wheels are carefully designed and crafted to compliment the world's most exclusive luxury automobiles. Asanti Black Label is a name synonymous with style, offering elegant wheels with a European influence that are guaranteed to turn heads no matter where you go. Beginning with high-grade premium materials, skilled craftsmen shape each wheel with an eye toward exacting precision, enduring quality and timeless looks. Like a fine watch or a well-tailored suit, Asanti Black Label rims never go out of style. As authorized distributors, we stock a complete line of 20" and 22" wheels in 8.5", 9", 10" and 10.5" widths as well as staggered fitments to suit every need. Check out our inventory below for dozens of style and color combinations, including machine black and machine silver, black with milled accents and black with chrome lips. Take advantage of our 100 percent fitment guarantee and free shipping on all wheel and tire purchases, including both standard and staggered sets. If you insist on the best of the best for your luxury vehicle, Asanti Black Label is a name that you simply must know.