Size Bolt pattern Price  
18x9.5 5x120.7 56 $495.00
Size Bolt pattern Price  
19x10 5x120.7 37 $547.00
19x9.5 5x120.7 56 $547.00
Size Bolt pattern Price  
20x12 5x120 52 $594.00
20x12 5x120.7 41 $594.00
20x9 5x120 38 $594.00
20x9.5 5x120.7 56 $594.00

Cray Wheels and Rims - The Chevy Corvette is the quintessential American car - big, brash, powerful and undeniably stylish. Unfortunately, it can be rather difficult to find aftermarket wheels that deliver the fit and performance you need. Cray Wheels solves that problem by designing and manufacturing wheels specifically for Corvettes, ensuring that each and every wheel is produced with your car in mind. It begins with ultra-strong, lightweight aluminum alloys that are rotary forged to maximize the strength-to-weight ratio. Each wheel is the result of a painstaking hub-centric design process, which produces rims that are guaranteed to fit as perfectly as OEM wheels. You won't find a smoother ride or more reliable performance from any other Corvette wheel on the market. We stock 18", 19" and 20" Cray rims in the large widths that Corvette owners love, ranging from 9" all the way up to a massive 12.25". Staggered wheel fitments are also available to ensure that you can lay down some rubber in whatever way you choose. You'll find an assortment of spoke styles and color options that include chrome, silver, gun metal and black matte, with chrome lips available to add another element of visual appeal. If you're searching for wheels that are 100 percent guaranteed to fit your Corvette, look no further than our broad selection of rims from Cray Wheels.