Size Bolt pattern Price  
14x7 4x156 13 $258.99
Size Bolt pattern Price  
15x7 4x156 13 $282.99
Size Bolt pattern Price  
17x9 5x114.3 -14 $410.99
17x9 8x170 -14 $410.99
17x9 5x127 -14 $410.99
17x9 6x139.7 -14 $410.99
17x9 5x139.7 -14 $410.99
17x9 5x127 -38 $422.99
17x9 8x165.1 -14 $422.99

Dirty Life wheels are engineered for reliability on the rocks, the mud, and the sand. These wheels are constructed using innovative technology to ensure top performance in the most challenging environments. Dirty Life wheels will take your Jeep Wrangler, Ford, or Chevy truck anywhere you want to while looking great on the street as well. Dirty Life wheels go perfect with all-terrain or mud tires, put together a package and get free shipping, mounting, balancing and install kit.