Size Bolt pattern Price  
20x9 8x170 1 $746.00
20x9 8x180 20 $746.00
20x10 8x170 -19 $764.00
20x10 8x180 -19 $764.00
20x10 5x139.7/150 -19 $764.00
20x10 8x165.1 -19 $764.00
20x10 6x135/139.7 -19 $764.00
20x12 8x170 -44 $832.00
20x12 8x180 -44 $832.00
Size Bolt pattern Price  
22x10 8x170 -13 $868.00
22x10 8x180 -13 $868.00
22x10 8x165.1 -13 $868.00
22x10 6x135/139.7 -13 $868.00
22x12 8x170 -44 $902.00
22x12 8x180 -44 $902.00
22x12 5x139.7/150 -44 $902.00
22x12 6x135/139.7 -44 $902.00
22x14 8x170 -70 $938.00
22x14 8x180 -70 $938.00
22x14 8x165.1 -70 $938.00
22x14 6x135/139.7 -70 $938.00
Size Bolt pattern Price  
24x12 8x170 -44 $1,041.00
24x12 8x165.1 -44 $1,041.00
24x12 6x135/139.7 -44 $1,041.00
24x16 8x170 -100 $1,069.00
24x14 8x170 -75 $1,076.00
24x14 6x135/139.7 -75 $1,076.00
24x16 8x165.1 -100 $1,145.00
24x16 6x135/139.7 -100 $1,145.00

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