Size Bolt pattern Price
20x9 8x180 12 $380.00
20x9 8x165.1 0 $380.00
20x9 8x165.1 12 $380.00
20x9 8x170 0 $380.00
20x9 8x180 0 $380.00
20x10 8x180 -19 $385.00
20x10 8x165.1 -19 $385.00
20x10 8x170 -19 $385.00
20x12 8x180 -44 $440.00
20x12 8x165.1 -44 $440.00
20x12 8x170 -44 $440.00
Size Bolt pattern Price
22x10 8x180 -25 $484.00
22x10 8x165.1 -25 $484.00
22x10 8x170 -25 $484.00
22x12 8x180 -44 $511.00
22x12 8x165.1 -44 $511.00
22x12 8x170 -44 $511.00
22x14 8x165.1 -76 $539.00
22x14 8x170 -76 $539.00
22x14 8x180 -76 $539.00
Size Bolt pattern Price
24x14 8x180 -76 $739.00
24x14 8x165.1 -76 $739.00
24x14 8x170 -76 $739.00

Hostile Wheels – Off Road Truck Wheels and Rims. Hostile wheels are a big brand in off road racing, and are known as one of the most trusted and leading names in the wheel industry. These off-road market brand wheels are durable, and unique with excellent performance. Hostile wheels are used for both lifted and non-lifted trucks, as they have the structural fit and materials that fit both body positions. Hostile is a brand of aggressive wheels for your off-road trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs, with an exceptional quality followed by superior craftsmanship. Hostile wheels have a wide selection when it comes to custom wheels. Hostile wheels come with wide lips, angular styles, bold metal labels and a wide selection of chrome and black finishes. Hostile wheels are made at a state of the art facility and machined to exacting tolerances. The most popular styles of Hostile wheels are Havoc, Exile, Hammered, Knuckles, Moab, Switch Blade, and Zombie wheels. They are all pressure die-cast from aircraft-grade aluminum. These black, anthracite, or chrome finish wheels look good on the road and on the trails. For mud flinging, trail blazing style, ride on Hostile off-road wheels. Wheelfire offers free shipping and a 100% fitment guarantee on all wheel and tire packages.