Size Bolt pattern Price
20x10 5x127/139.7 -25 $299.95
20x9 5x127/139.7 0 $299.95
20x9 6x135/139.7 -10 $299.95
20x9 6x120/139.7 -10 $299.95
20x9 5x139.7/150 0 $299.95
20x10 6x135/139.7 -25 $309.95
20x10 6x135/139.7 -40 $309.95
20x12 6x135/139.7 -50 $319.95
20x12 8x180 -50 $319.95
20x12 8x170 -50 $319.95

HD Off-Road offers cutting edge design in wheels that are built for trucks and Jeeps. Some of the hottest finishes are satin black, gloss black with milled edges, machined face, and more. They come in many sizes and bolt patterns so that fitment is precise for a variety of lifted trucks and Jeeps.