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Helo Wheels and Rims - When it comes to aftermarket wheels for trucks and SUVs, it can be difficult to find the right combination of great looks and rugged durability. Not so with Helo wheels, which are precision-made to deliver eye-popping style with the kind of toughness you demand in your wheels. Helo rims are the result of a top-notch manufacturing process that meets or exceeds OEM standards, offering a long service life and excellent performance in all conditions. You'll find plenty of great options for your passenger car or crossover, too. We're proud to cater to a tremendous range of vehicles, which is why we stock everything from tough, compact 15" wheels to gigantic 28" rims. Widths from 7" to 10" provide plenty of options to accommodate a range of tire sizes, and every wheel we sell includes a rock-solid fitment guarantee. You don't have to compromise on style, either, as our broad selection features dozens of wild spoke designs in finishes including gloss and satin black, chrome, silver and black or silver with machined or milled accents. If your next adventure lies off the beaten path, consider an extra durability boost with a finish of ultra-tough PVD chrome plating. No matter your choice, your new set of wheels and tires will ship to your door free of charge.