Size Bolt pattern Price
16x6 8x165.1 -125 $222.00
16x6 8x170 102 $222.00
16x6 8x170 -125 $222.00
16x6 8x165.1 102 $222.00
Size Bolt pattern Price
17x6.5 8x200 125 $257.00
17x6.5 8x200 -142 $257.00
17x6.5 8x210 125 $257.00
17x6.5 8x210 -142 $257.00
17x6.5 8x165.1 125 $257.00
17x6.5 8x165.1 -142 $257.00

Ion Wheels makes shocking SUV and truck wheel designs. Ditch the stock wheels and supercharge your vehicle with aftermarket wheels. Striking spoke configurations add energy to the look of your ride. Find everything from classic chrome with round spokes to aggressive beadlocks and gun metal finishes in the selection of wheels from Ion.