Size Bolt pattern Price
18x8.5 5x120 20 $226.63
18x8.5 5x120 38 $226.63
18x8.5 5x112 38 $226.63
18x8.5 5x115 12 $226.63
Size Bolt pattern Price
20x9 5x120 35 $293.15
Size Bolt pattern Price
22x9 5x120 15 $360.80
22x9 5x120 35 $360.80
22x9 5x114.3 38 $360.80
22x9 5x115 20 $360.80

Milanni Luxury Wheels represents the hottest trends in high-end custom rims for cars, trucks and SUVs. Milanni Luxury Wheels designs compliment the sleek lines of vehicles in the premium market, such as Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Land Rover, etc. This luxury collection of stunning wheels is brought to you by the Vision Wheel company, with over 40 years of experience in the wheel industry. Milanni wheels can be combined with tires for great savings: free shipping, mounting and balancing.