Size Bolt pattern Price
20x8.5 5x108 40 $242.00
20x8.5 5x112 40 $242.00
20x8.5 5x114.3 40 $242.00
20x8.5 5x115 18 $242.00
20x8.5 5x115 40 $242.00
20x8.5 5x120 18 $242.00
20x8.5 5x120 40 $242.00
Size Bolt pattern Price
22x9 6x135 35 $278.00
22x9 6x139.7 18 $278.00
22x9 6x139.7 35 $278.00

MKW Wheels - Everywhere you go, your vehicle is making a statement about your style. With MKW wheels, you can make sure it's making the right statement. Thanks to an advanced liquid forging process that produces ultra-strong, lightweight wheels in a wide variety of eye-popping designs, MKW rims offer impeccable style in a reliable, high-performance package. Every wheel from MKW is painstakingly engineered to meet or exceed strict industry standards, offering enhanced performance and lighter weight than the typical cast wheels found on most vehicles. As proudly authorized MKW dealers, Wheelfire stocks a full range of car and SUV rims from 16" all the way up to 24". To help you put the right amount of rubber on the road, we offer widths ranging from 7" to 10.5". You can pick from five-spoke, multi-spoke and split-spoke styles in finishes that include chrome, grey, silver, gloss black and satin black, as well as gloss black wheels with machined face accents. If you want your vehicle to make an unmistakable style statement, express your unique personality with a pair of stunning new high-performance wheels. Order your new set of MKW wheels and you'll receive free shipping and a 100 percent fitment guarantee as part of any wheel and tire package.