Size Bolt pattern Price
20x10 5x127 -18 $348.00
20x10 6x135 -18 $348.00
20x10 6x139.7 -18 $348.00
20x10 8x165.1 -18 $348.00
20x10 5x139.7 -18 $348.00
20x10 8x170 -18 $348.00
20x10 8x180 -18 $348.00
Size Bolt pattern Price
22x10 5x127 -18 $425.00
22x10 6x135 -18 $425.00
22x10 6x139.7 -18 $425.00
22x10 8x165.1 -18 $425.00
22x10 8x170 -18 $425.00
22x10 8x180 -18 $425.00
22x12 5x127 -44 $451.00
22x12 6x135 -44 $451.00
22x12 6x139.7 -44 $451.00
22x12 8x165.1 -44 $451.00
22x12 8x170 -44 $451.00

Moto Metal Wheels - Off Road Truck Wheels and Rims. Moto Metal makes a wide range of custom truck wheels and off road rims. Whether you need GMC wheels, Jeep wheels, or SUV wheels, Moto Metal makes a fitment for your rig. Lifted, leveled, or stock, Moto Metal has the perfect off-road rims for any ride. Their Custom Shop is a state-of-the-art custom wheel building facility and they have all the capabilities to practically build any custom wheel you can dream up. Custom forged, specialty two-piece fitments, unique finishes and colors, and drill-from-blank services are available. DESIGN YOUR WHEELS WITH CUSTOM COLORS OR FINISHES: Custom colors create a uniquely personalized look. Wheelfire offers a wide range of finishes including an extensive amount of paint colors, powder coating, tinted clearcoat and vehicle paint matching. CUSTOM FITMENTS: Offering a wide range of fitment flexibility, With drill-from-blank services and custom backspacing available in eighth-inch increments, a perfect fit is guaranteed. Wheelfire brings you wheel and tire packages at great prices. We also offer free shipping and a 100% fitment guarantee on all wheel and tire packages. Contact Wheelfire today for more information about Moto Metal Wheels products, or if you have any questions about your customization needs.