Revolution Racing Wheels - Tuners are very particular about the wheels they put on their vehicles, and there's a reason so many turn to Revolution Racing wheels. Built for tuners and gearheads who appreciate fine engineering, Revolution Racing rims are crafted for high performance and outstanding durability. Each wheel is made from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and cast in one piece using a sophisticated low-pressure die-casting process. This advanced manufacturing technique produces a wheel that is strong, lightweight and highly impermeable, reducing the risk of air leaks and providing a longer service life. Of course, all that engineering doesn't mean much without the style to back it up, and Revolution Racing has that to spare. You'll love the amazing diversity of spoke styles, with deep satin black rims featuring your choice of dazzling blue, red or machined accents. We stock a selection of 17", 18" and 20" wheels in 7.5" and 8" widths, so you'll have plenty of options to find just the right rims for your vehicle. All of our affordable wheels and tires ship free to your door, and they're guaranteed to fit like a dream. Jump on in and treat yourself to the performance and style of Revolution Racing wheels.