Size Bolt pattern Offset
17x9 5x127 -12 (REV)
Size Bolt pattern Offset
20x9 5x127 -12 (REV)
20x9 5x139.7 0 (STD)
20x9 5x139.7 12 (STD)
20x9 6x135 0 (STD)
20x9 6x135 18 (MED/STD)
20x9 6x139.7 0 (STD)
20x9 6x139.7 18 (MED/STD)
20x10 5x127 -19 (REV)
20x10 5x139.7 -24 (REV)
20x10 6x135 -18 (REV)
20x10 6x139.7 -18 (REV)

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