Size Bolt pattern Price
20x9 6x135/139.7 0 $328.73
20x9 5x139.7/150 0 $328.73
20x9 5x114.3/127 0 $328.73
20x12 8x165.1 -44 $392.40
20x12 8x170 -44 $392.40
Size Bolt pattern Price
22x12 6x135/139.7 -44 $434.52
22x12 8x165.1 -44 $434.52
22x12 8x170 -44 $434.52

TIS Luxury Wheels are in instant upgrade to any car, truck, Jeep or SUV. It doesn’t matter if you cruise the streets or hit the trails, TIS provides style only on steroids. From concave to convex designs with rivets and machined accents these aggressive designs turn up the volume on any truck or car.