Size Bolt pattern Price  
18x9 6x135 18 $262.00
18x9 6x139.7 -12 $262.00
18x9 6x139.7 18 $262.00
18x9 8x165.1 -12 $262.00
18x9 8x165.1 18 $262.00
18x9 8x170 -12 $262.00
Size Bolt pattern Price  
20x9 5x127 -12 $326.00
20x9 5x139.7 -12 $326.00
20x9 5x139.7 18 $326.00
20x9 6x135 -12 $326.00
20x9 6x135 18 $326.00
20x9 6x139.7 -12 $326.00
20x9 6x139.7 18 $326.00
20x9 8x165.1 -12 $326.00
20x9 8x165.1 18 $326.00
20x9 8x170 -12 $326.00
20x9 8x170 18 $326.00

KMC XD-Series Wheels - Off Road Truck Wheels and Rims. If your off-road adventures include the need for speed and superior handling, look no further than the KMC XD-Series wheels. XD wheels are in a league of their own, designed to push the limits in an imprecise off-road environment. They thrive on the dirt and chaos of extra-duty, off-road racing, and the XD Series wheels are legends in off-roading. Their style and performance have made them favorites for off-road racers, rock crawlers and mudders alike. The designs are race-proven and feature an unmatched combination of a light weight and extreme durability. Nobody does custom off road wheels like KMC and the XD Series takes them to a new level. KMC Wheels offer state-of-the-art engineering, design and quality control, and are committed to product quality and customer satisfaction. Wheelfire combines XD Series wheels to create off road wheel and tire packages to save you money. Our packages start at 15” and go up to 26”. KMC brings major style to off-road wheels and Wheelfire brings you XD Series off-road wheel and tire packages at great prices. We also offer free shipping and a 100% fitment guarantee on all wheel and tire packages. Contact Wheelfire for more information or questions about KMC Wheels products.