Size Bolt pattern Price
20x10 5x114.3/127 -12 $270.00
20x10 5x139.7/150 -24 $270.00
20x12 5x127/139.7 -44 $297.00
20x12 6x135/139.7 -44 $297.00
20x12 5x139.7/150 -44 $297.00
Size Bolt pattern Price
22x12 5x127/139.7 -44 $374.00
22x12 5x139.7/150 -44 $374.00
22x12 6x135/139.7 -44 $374.00

XF Off-Road wheels are built for lifted trucks and meant to wear XF Off-Road Mud Tracker tires. This off-road wheel brand is making a name for themselves in the off-road industry with unique designs and multiple finishes with very competitive pricing and quality. Buy a XF Off-Road wheel and tire package and get free shipping.